About RayCity Reviving Plan

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Back to 2015, at the moment, the Chinese server of Raycity was closed for almost 5 years, and the Taiwanese, Korean and Thai servers are closed for almost 2 years.

I thought everyone is already forgetting this game.

I went to the Tieba of RayCity, still can see a lot of us are showing off their cars, asking about when it will be open again, or which server is still running.

It’s like it was only closed yesterday, After checking out some information and I finally realized it was almost 5years, so it will soon be 7 years now.

I was so excited that there are still so many people are loving this game. As a result, I want to group some people to push the owner of RayCity, EA, to reopen the right of running the game.

After that, our QQ group was established on 2/2/2015, start our long journey of reviving the game.