RayCity Reviving Edition Released!

RayCity is coming back!


Client Download:


Please follow your local Facebook page, and join your local group to download the game client:

Release notes:

The current RayCity Reviving Edition is based on the Thai client (version 1.598), big thumbs up to the contributions made by Mr. “I” and I hope everyone will remember his ID for his wonderful works!

The game is not completed because we are still in the testing phase of the Reviving plan. You can basically purchase most of MB cars and driving around. There won’t be any NPC or missions due to the missing database.

Important: Please do read the instruction in the group before you launch the game; there are several restrictions that you need to follow in order to no become a Griefer!

Griefing is prohibited in the game, if you didn’t read carefully the instruction before you play the game, the server might shut down due to your inappropriate acts!



Extra info:

We are still in the testing phase and we are not sure how long the server will be open, the project might get shut down due to any reasons.

After discussing with Mr. “I”, he doesn’t think with the current group we will have too much improvement.

If you want to help us with the RayCity Reviving Plan, please do contact us via the Email (Contact@RayCity.Pro), and sharing our website (RayCity.Pro), our Facebook page (RayCity Reviving Plan), etc…


Problems need to be solved:

  • [Very Important] We are looking for the 1.580 Client
    • Especially the SEA version
    • If you do have any type of 1.580 clients, please do contact me via E-mail (Contact@RayCity.Pro)
  • NPCs and Server database missing
    • We are looking for everyone who has experience with reverse engineering, please do contact me (Contact@RayCity.Pro)!


Problems Feedback:

Problems in the game should be feedback to your local group administrator.

Because the RayCity Reviving Edition is still at the testing phase, please be patient with any problems faced while playing the game. Report the Bug or problems to us and we will try to fix it once we have the solutions.


Special Thanks:

Thanks very much to Mr. “I” for its great and wonderful contributions to the RayCity Reviving Edition so we can replay the RayCity.

Thanks to all RayCity Reviving Plan(RCRP) fans, your supports are very cheerful to us.

Thanks to all RayCity Reviving Plan(RCRP) management and maintenance staff, thank you for your contributions!



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